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Generally, Licensed Practical Nurse ( LPN ) Programs are commonly offered at community colleges and technical schools – but not only. Usually, the Licensed Practical Nurse Programs take one year to complete and are meant to teach their attendances the basics of patient care. The students that follow these Licensed Practical Nurse Programs learn how to take vital signs, gather various information about their patients, take shots ( injections), collect lab samples and ultimately assist their patients with hygiene tasks. It’s important to take on such a program because according to the Bureau of Labor statistics – www.bls.gov – in the next 8 years we’ll be seeing more than 100,000 new licensed practical nursing jobs available for any one that has the necessary studies. After a year passes, you’ll become a graduate and a next step follows – getting licensed. Graduates from Licensed Practical Nurse Programs have to get their licensing to be able to practice, and almost everyone that follows this career path will end up being either a RN or BSN.

Practice after you’re a Licensed Practical Nurse Program graduate can be mode in different places may it be a private place, a nursing care facility or a hospital. Here’s a short breakdown of the aforementioned:

Hospital Licensed Practical Nurse:

Almost a quarter of the graduates from Licensed Practical Nurse Programs go to work in a hospital. Their daily tasks include collecting samples, feeding and caring for their patients and administrating the proper medication. With enough on-the-job experience, licensed practical nurses can go on to supervisory roles in hospitals, managing other LPNs and nursing assistants.

Private Practice Licensed Practical Nurse:

Around 10 percent of the graduates of Licensed Practical Nurse Programs go on to work for private physician cabinets. Their job will be to assist the doctor in it’s daily tasks, perform check-ups, take shots, manage and make appointments and medical records.

Nursing Care Facility Licensed Practical Nurse:

The rest of the people that graduate from Licensed Practical Nurse Programs get to work in Nursing care facilities.

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