Top 50 Free eBooks for Your Personal Health

by admin on November 3, 2010

If you are are a nurse, you know how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Your entire body will thank you for living well, and carefully choosing what you eat, as well as the activities you engage in. However, you do not have to be a health care professional to live healthy. There are plenty of resources online to help you improve your personal health. Indeed, here are 50 free ebooks that can help you improve your health:


Exercise is vital to a healthy body. Keeping active will ensure that you are strong and fit. Here are some great ebooks on exercise.

  1. Ultimate Guide to Optimal Fitness: John Spencer Ellis offers this great guide to fitness.
  2. Free Pilates Exercises: Learn some Pilates exercises for free from a Pilates instructor and personal fitness expert.
  3. 100 Top Fitness Tips: Helpful hints on getting fit.
  4. Free Exercise Ebook: Get Fit With Chad offers an exercise ebook that can help you get a beach body.
  5. Free Bodyweight Exercise Routine eBook: This exercise routine will soon have you in boot camp fitness condition.
  6. The Aggressive Strength Kettlebell Primer: You can learn more about strength training and fitness with this kettlebell ebook.
  7. Free Fitness Ebooks: You can choose from a variety of fitness ebooks at this web site.
  8. 20 Ways to Screw Up In The Gym: Avoid these workout mistakes when you go to the gym.
  9. Easy Steps to Yoga: Get started with a yoga fitness routine from this ebook for beginners.
  10. Wu Style Tia Chi Chuan: Get started with Tai Chi when you get this free ebook.
  11. Kickboxing Manual (Beginners-Intermediates): Get a good work out with this free kickboxing ebook.
  12. Platinum Body: fitness ebook for men: Learn how to transform your body.

Weight Loss

If you are overweight, you can improve your personal health by losing some of that weight. Here are some ebooks that can help you with healthy weight loss.

  1. 79 Fat Loss & Exercise Questions Answered: Get information about getting rid of fat with the help of exercise. Free when you subscribe to BetterU News.
  2. 177 Easy Ways to Burn & Reduce Calories: Tips for reducing your caloric intake and burning off the excess to help you lose weight.
  3. Weight Loss eBook: Get access to helpful tips on losing weight.
  4. Healthy Breakfast Choices for Weight Loss: You can lose weight by making better choices at breakfast, and this ebook will tell you how.
  5. Weight Loss & Health Tips: A helpful look at what you can do to lose weight and be healthy.
  6. The Ultimate Weight Loss Bible: Learn how to lose weight — and keep it off.
  7. Secrets of Maintaining a Health Weight: Aimed at teens, this healthy weight loss book can still be helpful for adults.
  8. How to Lose Weight: A free ebook about the processes behind losing weight.
  9. Losing Weight: Learn how to lose weight permanently.
  10. 10 Tips for Eating Right & Losing Weight Fast: Improve your eating habits and enjoy faster weight loss.


You need to eat right in order to experience true health. Learn about what to eat, and what to avoid with these helpful ebooks.

  1. 24 Types of Food for a Health Life: Learn about what foods you should be eating for better health.
  2. Handbook of Nutrition and Food: Learn about food and proper nutrition.
  3. Healthy Eating for Life: Learn about what you can do to reduce your chances of cancer.
  4. Going Organic: A great book about healthier eating by making organic food choices.
  5. Fifty Salads: Learn about what you can do to make some great salads that will have you enjoying eating healthy.
  6. Healthy Muffins for All: 25 Healthy Muffin Recipes: Like your muffins? You can make healthy muffins right at home.
  7. Benefits of Drinking Water: Boost your health and nutrition with help from water.
  8. 12 Health Secrets: Learn about how what you eat contributes to your health — or lack of health.
  9. The Insider’s Guide to Frugal Food & Fitness: A great look at how you can eat better without spending a fortune.
  10. Raw Brittannia: This book looks at bringing the raw food revolution into the mainstream.
  11. Superfoods for Optimum Health: Learn about superfoods.

Mental Health

Part of your personal health includes a healthy mind. These ebooks can help you develop better mental health.

  1. Brighten Your Life: Read this ebook on how light can help enhance your mental health.
  2. Free Ebook on Mental Health and Energy: Learn about mental health and the energy around you.
  3. How to Survive the Loss of a Love: Get insights and information on surviving the loss of a loved one.
  4. Be Your Own Therapist: You can help yourself with a little guidance from this ebook.
  5. Balancing Your Life: The Complete Guide to Managing Work and Family: Learn how to balance your life and save your sanity.
  6. Medicare and Your Mental Health Benefits: A look at what is available to you if you are on Medicare and need mental health help.
  7. Ebook Women’s Mental Health: An overview of mental health issues affecting women.
  8. Ask a Healer: You can get two different spirituality ebooks for free.
  9. Depression vs. Contentment: An Islamic Perspective: Even if you are not Muslim, this ebook offers insights that can help you.

Relaxation and Meditation

It is important to relieve stress and take time to decompress. This can also include sleep. These ebooks will help you better relax, meditate and sleep so that your whole health can be addressed.

  1. Beautiful Calm: Cultivate inner peace with help from this ebook.
  2. The Golden Key to Prayer: Learn how prayer can help you relieve stress.
  3. Om Yoga – Its Theory and Practice: Get information on meditative yoga.
  4. 22 Day Free Meditation without Religion: Some great meditations that are not religion-specific.
  5. Manage Your Stress Before It Manages You: A great look at how to get control of stress.
  6. Secrets of Meditation: This ebook sample offers meditation exercises and focus exercises.
  7. Combating Stress with Nutrition: A helpful look at how what you eat can help you avoid stress.
  8. Mindfulness of Breathing and the Four Elements of Meditation: A great ebook about mindfulness and meditation.

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