Top 25 Blogs for LPN’s

by linda on February 19, 2010

Anyone who has a desire to help other people for a good portion of their waking lives needs help, too. Sometimes, an Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) needs help in deciding whether or not to purchase a pair of Z-Coil shoes to avoid aggravating a plantar fascia inflammation caused by standing for many hours. Sometimes that LPN needs to learn whether or not to advance his or her career after helping a very sick patient or an irate doctor. Sometimes, that LPN just needs a good laugh.

The following list of the top twenty-five blogs for LPNs provides answers to all those needs and more. These blogs were chosen for their popularity, for their excellent writing and for the information imparted to readers. These blogs are written by other nurses or by people who cater to nurses, they all are updated regularly and they all are HIPAA compliant.

This list is categorized, and each link is listed alphabetically within those categories for your convenience.

Helpful Blogs

  1. Advance for Nurses: Specifically, for LPNs. This site, which includes a blog and is a companion to various magazines, offers advice, news, interviews and stories that are professional and supportive.
  2. About a Nurse: While this blog is not humorous and lacks personality, it supplies helpful hints and informative tidbits. Plus, this blog that leads to — the latter being a truly helpful site for any nurse to use for networking and knowledge.
  3. Dear Nurses: This anonymous blog is useful for any nurse, as the topics are focused on clinical skills and personal skills with patients. The blog includes brain teasers, medical information and more in an easy-to-learn environment.
  4. LPN to RN: This is a popular blog that expounds on education for LPNs who want to move into RN programs. Additionally, they list other blogs that may be of interest to LPNs (or any other nurse).
  5. Not Nurse Ratched: If you’re a nurse, then you probably are familiar with Nurse Ratched. This is not Nurse Ratched, but this site is just as necessary. You’ll learn about medical “stuff,” iPhones, Macs, productivity and how to squander it and much more from this writer.
  6. Reality Rounds: This blog brings a dose of reality to reality-deprived personnel in the medical field. A nurse/mom writes this blog, which focuses on women’s and infant health issues, parenthood and feminism. She’s particularly wary of any BS floating around out there…BS, after all, contains who knows what.
  7. The Nursing Site Blog: This blog is geared toward nurses, student nurses, and those who want to become nurses and is filled with advice, links to other interesting articles and sites that nurses can find useful (like a scrub shop).
  8. UW School of Nursing Funding Opportunities: The University of Washington provides a blog where UW School of Nursing students can find information about outside scholarships (non-SoN), educational opportunities, and upcoming/ available student positions. What’s stopping you from learning, even if you aren’t a UW student?

Working in a Hospital

  1. 20 out of 10: An Emergency Room Blog: Learn what it’s like to work in a hospital emergency room. This blogger writes well, offers a perspective that seems rational and provides great ideas on how to work effectively…all with a touch of humor. Be sure to read comments, as this is a popular blog.
  2. Abilene Rob: According to this blogger, he should be a nominee for a Nobel Peace Prize. As it is, he works as a hospital nurse – an intelligent, witty, smart and practical hospital nurse who may, for all we know, have the ability to make the world’s greatest creme brulee with nothing but the milk out of some kid’s school lunch and a cigarette lighter. We like the “Me Cam,” but he hasn’t moved yet…
  3. Brain Scramble, RN: This blogger began to write when she was a second-degree student nurse in an accelerated BSN program. Now, she is Brain Scramble, BSN, RN, working in a hospital.
  4. CodeBlog: This blogger has been an intensive care nurse for over a decade. The blog is popular because she’s a great writer, and her perspectives seem to hit a collective nerve for many readers.
  5. Nurse Me: This trauma/critical care nurse works at a Level I trauma center in “It Hurts Here, USA,” and shares feelings, thoughts and ideas about working in that environment. According to this blogger, writing a blog is “cheaper than therapy and healthier than drugs or alcohol,” but an occasional Mai Tai doesn’t hurt.
  6. Tales from the Serenity Now Hospital: If you want to know what it’s like to work in a hospital, you can learn from the perspective of three doctors (two ER and one Psych), all in their third year of residencies in one of the largest hospitals in the country. They occasionally slip into comments about politics and sports, but who doesn’t?
  7. The Angry Nurse!: If you work as a nurse, you probably can relate to many experiences in relayed to readers in this blog.
  8. Weird Nursing Tales: Learn what it’s like to work as a critical care float nurse in a mid-sized hospital from an RN who has worked in many hospitals over the past two decades.

Nursing Careers

  1. As the Pump Turns: This blog is by a nurse who works in an inner-city dialysis clinic, who is surviving nursing school, and who wonders where sanity is hiding.
  2. Asystole is the Most Stable Rhythm: If you like to help people, but you’re a dreamer who wants to travel, then this blog is for you. This musician,occasional vegan and traveler became a nurse…a traveling nurse who plays music and who is an occasional vegan. She’s now studying medicine in Ireland.
  3. At Your Cervix: Although this RN works in a hospital, her career is the focus. She works in the labor and delivery unit and she writes about her work. She also lapses occasionally into her own gastric bypass surgery issues, subsequent weight loss and complications.
  4. LivingDeadNurses Psycho Ward: Hold on to your nurse’s cap…this LPN is a motorcycle-riding, dog-loving (owns eight), movie-loving, soon-to-be-student who is addicted to caffeine.
  5. LPN with an M16: This title isn’t as violent as you might think…this LPN serves in the military, currently in a regular Army unit. He/she (goes by Amy, but you never know…) is thinking about becoming a flight attendant or, perhaps going back to school to earn her RN. In the meantime, you can learn what it’s like to serve as a nurse in Iraq. Or, maybe Afghanistan.
  6. Travel Nurse Aim: Learn more about what a traveling nurse career is like from this blogger, who also is a wife and mom. She offers personal stories as well as ideas and tips.

Nursing Student Blogs

  1. Adventures of Student RN Tiffany: Tiffany just completed her first year of nursing school and is pursing an ADN. She has a full life, and that does not include learning how to be a nurse…but that is the main focus of this blog.
  2. Learning to have Patients: Megan currently is studying to become an RN. She’s not shy about her frustrations, and she becomes ecstatic over her successes…a blogger who is not a middle-of-the-road writer can gather many readers.
  3. Nursing Anatomy: This blogger currently is a second-degree nursing student in an two-year BSN program who wants to work in ICU, the ER or the NICU upon graduation.

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