by admin on January 7, 2010

Becoming a Licensed practical nurse isn’t very hard at all, it only requires a bit of dedication and a good course of online LPN training. The vast majority of on line LPN courses offer all the theoretical material you should need. The things taught in these lpn online courses is not only very important for your career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (or LPN as they’re called in USA, or RPNs as they’re known in Ontario, Canada)  but can at the same time be very easily learned. The only downside of these courses is the fact the more practical stuff can’t be taught online, things like anatomy or microbiology – these two require specialized laboratory equipment (microscopes, etc).

Another great thing about a LPN online course is the fact that it’s very easy to register and at the same time help you cut costs, save time and you really don’t have to schedule a meet for your class, you can plan out all your classes like a simple stretch.

My mother (now a BSN) went through a similar LPN online course for beginners a few years ago. I remember when she started the LPN online course to become a LPN nurse and after that studying to become a BSN nurse.
Most LPN nurses have expressed a continuous desire to go back to school and study more to become RN or BSN nurses, unfortunately the ongoing need for salary, lack of time have somehow been an impediment.
BSN Nursing programs take up to four years to complete and curriculum’s contain courses not included in ADN programs including courses in leaderships and management, community health nursing, risk reduction, and disease management.

So before you want to go to being a BSN from an LPN, make sure you are ready. But once you’ve become a BSN you’ll have a vast experience and should be able to deal with most of the modern equipment, patients and if you’re good enough you might even get paid to train other nurses and help them become BSN nurses. The possibilities as a BSN nurse are increasing exponentially every year, and you’ve also got the chance to learn scren procedures and nursing case management as you strive to become a BSN from an LPN.

Bottom line, I say you should aim for the BSN degree which most LPN or RN nurses desire and fight for with so much versatility.

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